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Our Library Projects

Gretchen Pruett, Library Director

“The Foundation has transformed every aspect of the library experience. People are staying longer, using materials more, and attendance has almost doubled since the Foundation helped fund our library renovation projects.”

– Gretchen Pruett, Library Director
rendering of SE library

Expansion to Southeast
New Braunfels

Advocating for library expansion as part of the 2023 Bond Election. Creating a Southeast Branch will serve the fastest growing area in New Braunfels. Its proximity to 8 schools will make access to after-school programs convenient and the time-consuming drive to the Main Library unnecessary.

library projects

Expansion of Westside Branch

Advocated for library expansion and for the library
to be a part of the 2019 Bond Election.

Currently raising funds to bring a teaching garden,
outreach programs, and an outdoor programming
space to the new Westside Branch.

StoryWalk at Morningside Park

StoryWalk at Morningside Park

Getting families outside and reading. What could be better! STORYWALK at Morningside Park is a permanent installment that will offer rotating stories for families to enjoy. We are so excited to help fund this project for the New Braunfels Public Library and New Braunfels Parks and Recreation. A big thank you to the New Braunfels Parks Foundation and The Friends of the New Braunfels Public Library, Inc for joining us on this endeavor.


Raised over $50,000
to purchase a transit van which serves as a
complementary “traveling library” to the RIOmobile.
The RIOrover library project brings books and
library materials to the homebound and to senior
citizen centers and retirement homes, as well as
transporting materials between branches.


Raised more than $240,000
to purchase the RIOmobile, New Braunfels’ first
“traveling library,” to bring services to children,
seniors and others with limited mobility.


Funded a study that proved using adjacent
building was not economically feasible at
Westside Community Center, thus leading to
the 2019 Bond approval for a brand-new
library facility at Westside. Library project
construction will begin in 2021.
Approximate cost: $20,000

Book Kiosk

Supplied a book kiosk located inside City Hall,
which provides on-the-go library services
to recreation center customers and fosters
interdepartmental city partnership.
Approximate cost: $10,000

library projects

Children’s Room

Completely renovated the 3,000-square-foot Children’s Room, partnering with the Edwards Aquifer Authority to educate children and families about the ecosystem of the Comal River and springs. The number of children attending library programs has grown to more than 13,000 annually.
Approximate cost: $150,000

library projects

Teen Corner

Created a Teen Corner with retro murals and lighting, encouraging teens to stay longer and use more materials provided just for them. Circulation in that area almost doubled.
Approximate cost: $15,000

library projects

Coffee Kiosk

Installed a coffee kiosk, which was one of the library projects that encouraged patrons to stay in the library for extended times. This has resulted in a more productive utilization of library services and created a feeling of community and camaraderie not seen in many public facilities. Some consider it to be the “heart of the library.”
Approximate cost: $5,000

New Braunfels Public Library

Library Construction

Raised $300,000 in matching funds
for the construction of the main library,
projects and its furnishings.