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Our Library is going places…

If you remember the excitement of the arrival of the bookmobile when you were a child, you are not alone. Now you have an opportunity to make memories with your children and grandchildren. With the help of our sponsors, the New Braunfels Public Library has a wonderful new “traveling branch,” the RIOmobile. The name emphasizes the mission of our new mobile addition to the library system – “Reading and Inspiration through Outreach.”

The RIOmobile serves over 900 residents per month by providing books and materials to children, seniors, and those with limited mobility who might otherwise not be able to visit the main facility. It provides our community with mobile access to trained professionals – our librarians – to help them find and interpret the information they need to make a difference in their lives. Almost every service that patrons find in library branches, including reader’s advisory services, computers, entertainment resources, classes, job search assistance and programs are available on the bookmobile. The RIOmobile includes a 3,000 book capacity, custom book carts, solar panels, LED lighting, wifi, skylights, an ADA lift, and an electric awning for creating useable outdoor space.

The NBPL Foundation raised over $240,000 in just under 18 months to get the RIOmobile in motion. The City of New Braunfels covers the annual operating costs, and existing library staff are used to man the vehicle.

Limited schedule due to COVID-19.

RIOmobile Schedule